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Introducing the Piccolo Christmas Stocking Pattern {PDF}


Last week was ca-ray-zee – so much so it warranted me misspelling that word so badly lol. Term 4 of school started with a bang and, after a quiet holidays, it was a wee bit of a shock to my system. I love that my three are active and all play sport but it makes for full on weeks as a result. Add in food poisoning, a school fete to prepare 30m of bunting and cupcakes for and a wedding and I think I did more running than anything. We survived though of course and this week is lovely and about as settled as our family can be.

I have been doing some lovely slow stitching in my down time which is in no way relevant to this post but lets be honest – its pretty! The full reveal will be on Sunday night as part of a blog tour so stay tuned!

Now the reason we are here – my Christmas stocking pattern.

To be honest I wasn’t even planning on releasing my stocking as a pattern this year but a few requests for it in my Facebook group made me decide to get it written and published. A fantastic group of testers who I will introduce shortly helped me to get it finalised and pretty in record time and it hit my store last Sunday night. So the blog post is a bit late but all that means is I get to look at all my pretty pics again lol.


A bit about the stocking: It is fat quarter friendly, beginner friendly and, importantly for this time of the year, a lovely quick sew. You can make it as fancy or as simple as you like with trims, different fabrics and, as I will show you in a bit it is even really easy to enlarge for a super stocking!

When I was making my samples I thought it would be a great idea to have a play with some different fabrics to see what adjustments, if any, needed to be made. With small tweaks it was really simple to make gorgeous stockings from ruffled knit, Essex linen and velvet. It was exciting to realise at that moment just how versatile this pattern is!

It was nerve wracking handing the pattern to testers. When you make so many of something it is hard to break your steps down with beginners in mind so I really had to think my process through slowly. I am really proud to say though that they ALL nailed it the clever possums. I had a huge mix of ability in my group which I think is really important and to be honest there was little difference between the finished products in the end. Most importantly though these gorgeous women went above and beyond for me in terms of promotion and sharing. You have all seen the stockings I made over the years so instead let me show you theirs.


Stockings made and photographed by the amazing Michelle Lafranchi



Shelley Neel of Rainbow Sun Boutique smashed it out of the part with her hand quilted cuff and bead detail (plus anything made with Lucky Girl is always a winner to me!)



I am so lucky that Joanne agrees to test for me with every pattern I make ( and allows me to drive her crazy in the process lol). Her patchwork stocking is a masterstroke!


Tanya from Sewvolution made so many gorgeous ones it was hard to choose but in the end I can never go past classic navy, gold and white. And of course she made the stockings and humans in my gorgeous cover pic too.


Tai did a wonderful job with her stockings – making them for herself, husband and gorgeous little boy too. I loved the fur detail on the Star Wars one


I literally gasped when Sarah from Carousels and Candyfloss shared pics of her gorgeous stockings. She has such a talent for prettiness.


Helen used some stunning fabrics for her and really highlight what fussy cutting can do. Love the peacock and it was so worth adapting the cuff for!

Claire’s stocking is just divine but let’s be honest – the stunning Genevieve is stealing the show completely!


Shannyn made so many amazing stockings it was virtually impossible to choose between them for this post. Her page De’lish has lots more pics and details on how you can own these gorgeous sets with matching mini hobby horses.


Emily’s divine creation is made using Bari J’s latest range Virtuoso for Art Gallery Fabrics. She always nails her fabric choices


Kathleen played with reindeer in sweaters – best fabric ever!

Lots and lots of pics but guys it was so hard to choose! And as you know about me when it comes to pretty pics I will never be able to restrain myself!

Now before I forget I mentioned above how easy the pattern is to upsize. Introducing Big Bertha cleverly made by Shannyn by De’Lish Boutique. There is a lot of info in our group Piccolo Pattern Studio explaining how she made it – safe to say I think the gorgeous Gus is happy with it!


So there you have it – another Piccolo Pattern in store and ready to be fueled by your imagination. If you would like to purchase the PDF pattern you can find it here or if you would like to buy ready made you can find my stocking collection here. To celebrate the launch please use the code STOCKING at checkout for $2 off the pattern for the next 48 hours.

Christmas is close – it is scary to think how fast this year has flown! Hopefully with this pattern I have made it a bit easier.

Sarah x




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