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Lemon Squeezy Quiltalong – Week 2

Hooray  we are up to week 2 of our Lemon Squeezy Quiltalong – the fun is starting! By now most of you should have chosen your fabrics and be ready for our next step – cutting. I have loved being in the Facebook Quiltalong Group and watching all the fabric selections – so many amazing fabric designers have been represented and it is a joy. The only downside is that everytime I see a selection go up I want to make the exact same quilt – I sense I will have 30 different quilt tops of my own by the time this is over hahaha.

You may remember I am making my quilt in the stunning Dreamworld Range. Initially I was going to make a cot quilt but I decided to go all in with a throw size. I am using a panel too which means some of the blocks will need to be made slightly differently – it will be totally worth the extra work though I am sure! I will pop into the group tonight and talk about how I cut the panel for anyone else interested in doing the same.

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If you haven’t purchased the pattern yet then it is waiting for you here.

Tonight is all about cutting our blocks and getting ready to assemble. For those of you who have the pattern already I have tried to include as many hints and tips as I can to help with the process and I will outline some more general ones here. In the Facebook group we will always be more specific because everyone in there has already purchased the pattern so can follow along in more detail. If you have the pattern but do not want to be in the group please feel free to send an email at any time for direct support – my aim is to make this as successful as possible for as many people as I can.

Right lets get started!

  1. A quilting mat, rotary cutter and ruler will always be your best friend with a quilt like this and are worth the investment.
  2. Iron your fabric first! I can’t stress this highly enough because it helps keep everything accurate.
  3. Select and cut the fabrics for your main squares first.  If using large scale feature prints fussy cutting will be key to a fabulous finish even if it means a bit of fabric waste.
  4. To work out the quantities of each strip simply work out how many fabrics you are going to be working with. Use the cutting chart on page 5 of the pattern and divide the quantity of each strip by the number of fabrics. I ALWAYS round up. I find that gives way more layout options when it comes to piecing the blocks, plus if you make a mistake you have spares. Any leftovers can always be used for a matching Quilt As You Go Cushion too so nothing ever needs to be wasted.
  5. When cutting the strips I find it easier to fold my fabrics in half (and then in half again depending on quantity) so you are cutting a shorter length and are less likely to slip. If you do this method then it is really important you fold up it up as evenly as possible and line it up on the grid of the cutting mat so it is as straight as possible and will cut properly.
  6. Pay attention to the direction of your fabric if that is something that will bother you. When cutting directional fabrics it is a good idea to cut strips in both directions so you have more choices when laying out.

And I think that really is all there is to it. The best thing about this quilt is that it is so quick and easy to make from cutting right down to completing the top.

And here are my gorgeous fabrics cut and ready to turn into blocks next week – the quilt is going to be a new favourite I can tell!

For those just joining in now lets do a quick overview.

Our Quiltalong runs for 6 weeks to the following timetable:

Introduction Post: Sunday 2 February – What are our plans?
Week 1:
 Sun 16 February
Welcome to the Quiltalong and Fabric selections
Week 2: Sun 23 FebruaryCutting our fabrics
Week 3: Sun 1 March Making our first lot of blocks (Block A)
Week 4: Sun 8 March – Making our Block B blocks
Week 5: Sun 15 March – Laying out and assembling our quilts
Week 6: Sun 22 March – Finishing off

Lets not forget too that those who subscribe via the newsletter and join the Facebook group will receive a discount code from our major sponsor Bebeloush Designs.

I will be back in a few days with the release of my updated Kaleidoscope pattern – you should see how this top looks now it has been quilted.

I have an amazing new quilt to show  you too – it will be my next pattern for 2020. Wait until you see the fabrics I am playing with for it!

Sarah xx

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  • Reply
    Susan Delong
    24/02/2020 at 2:45 am

    Love your fabric! So neat and tidy! My quilt room and area resembles something of a mad woman! I did clean it up somewhat to do this amazing project. Thank you for guiding us!

    • Reply
      sarah scott
      26/02/2020 at 7:52 pm

      You are very welcome! I am glad everyone is loving the quiltalong 🙂

  • Reply
    24/02/2020 at 2:21 pm

    So happy about this Sarah… I will be cut cut cutting this week!!♥️

    • Reply
      sarah scott
      26/02/2020 at 7:52 pm

      I can not WAIT to see your fabric choices – so excited!

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