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Patchwork Pillow Sham Sew Along Part 6: The Finale


So this post is a couple of weeks later than I had planned but in true piccolo style things around here never seem to go according to my copious lists. I have been dreadfully unwell with some nasty complications from surgery 6 weeks ago, it came out of the blue and knocked me for a six. Luckily my doctors are on the case and I am slowly improving. I hate it when I cant work, so that completely added to my frustrations and made me somewhat grouchy to be around. I swear the kids sigh with relief when they hear my sewing machine turn on in the morning.

Anyway enough about me – tonight is the night I finally round up our fantastic patchwork pillow sham sew along and share some of the makes we had. The majority of the participants had never quilted before, not that you could tell from the amazing jobs that they did. Some even deviated from the pattern to create different size covers – I love it when people are brave enough to be versatile. Tsen’s Minecraft cushion is an amazing example of that.

Shelley and Emily took thinks a step further and made pillow shams to match their Kaleidoscope quilts! Both ladies upsized the pattern to fit a queen size bed (yes I know I need to write this into the pattern – it is coming I promise) and they did a phenomenal job.

Honestly I could share photos all day – not only am I so proud of all who took part but I am also blown away with their entries and quickly planning another for this year, a rag quilt! I have been asked and asked to do a pattern for my style rag quilt and it is in the works as we speak. If that sounds like something you are interested in make sure you join my Facebook group – Piccolo Pattern Studio for more information.

Here are some more amazing pictures from my group members in collage form – look at all the different fabrics and styles created. This is why I love handmade, it is so easy to make something uniquely you! The whole album is in my facebook group if anyone wants some inspiration before they start and also to see the variations made – from European pillow case covers to smaller cushions too.

Actually before I continue let’s shout out to Holly’s Year 8 textile class. They chose between the Pillow Sham and iPad cover tutorials and did a magnificent job. How lucky are they to have a teacher teaching them how to make practical things and hopefully instilling a love of sewing early. They definitely did a better job than I did at 13 considering everyone thought my Elephant pillow was a moose 😉

At the beginning of the series I announced there would be three randomly drawn winners from this Sew Along so drumroll please – lets get announcing…

Winner 1 is Tai Xie. Tai you will receive a copy of the latest issue of One Thimble, an amazing digital sewing magazine and a curated selection of 4.5″ squares from my own fabric collection so you can make another sham to show me.

Winner 2 is Chelsea Belton. Chelsea you will receive a Piccolo Studio pdf pattern of their choice and a curated selection of 4.5″ squares from my personal collection.

Winner 3 is Rosemary Teale. Rosemary you will receive a curated selection of 4.5″ squares from my personal collection.

Congratulations ladies – I will be in touch to arrange your prizes shortly.

I have created a PDF pattern of our Sew Along and placed it in store here. For anyone who wants to make one without wading through the tutorials this is a wonderful option as you can save it to your own computer. It is priced at $5 however will be only $2 for this week as a lovely bonus.

So that is a wrap! One successful Sew Along is over and another is in planning stages. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope everyone who took part did too.

Sarah xxx

The Patchwork Pillow Sham tutorial has run over 3 weeks and has now finished!

Sunday 5 August ~ Tools for quilting and Fabric Selections
Wednesday 8 August ~ Cutting and laying out your top
Sunday 12 August ~ Piecing your quilt top
Wednesday 15 August ~ Pinning and Quilting your top
Sunday 18 August ~ Finishing off your quilted sham



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