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You Deserve a Medal

It started with a conversation with Kristy Lea, creative director of Make Modern Magazine, last year. I was late on a submission (again! I have no idea how and why they put up with me) and as I finally got the last lot of photos I commented in the email that I deserved a medal. Kristy, being the supportive and patient legend she is, replied back soon after and friends, an idea was born, pitched, approved and created.

How often do we tell ourselves we need  a medal for completing a laborious or difficult sewing task? Personally I think anyone brave enough to see a huge mistake and reach for an unpicker rather than petrol and a lighter is a very special type of human that deserves to be rewarded. So I created a medal you can sew and embroider for yourself and all the loved ones in your life who deserve a very special type of pick me up.

After a quick search of quilt show ribbons and medals, this photo quickly served as inspiration for my Mini Quilt. How amazing would it be to be gifted a tiny work of art as a reward for your own? Scrolling around I found that many different quilt shows offer up handmade rosettes and ribbons and it couldn’t be more perfect if it tried. I wanted mine to be a pieced quilt top although I wavered for a while on the thought of a fabulous 3D masterpiece. Practicality won out though – this time …..

And there she is on my wall. After a fun poll in our local Australian sewing group I came up with lots of wonderful sewing prizes you could earn or give yourself. I chose #1 Sewcrastinator for myself as it is just so fitting.

I really do need to work on my embroidery skills guys…

The “You Deserve a Medal” mini quilt measures 12″ x 20″ and looks great as is on a wall or you can easily modify it into a cushion using strips. It comes with lots of different prize options or you could easily choose your own. Its a bit of fun if you want it to be or heartfelt if you need it. Instructions are included on how to add the embroidery too your quilt centre as well as a printable PDF with the prizes on it to make things easier.

My mini sits above my sewing machine now to give me a smile on the days when a pattern I’m working on is hard and I get the sudden urge to dive into my scrap basket or 10 year old fat quarter bundle I cant quite cut into. My creative process is sporadic and messy some days lol.

Now the really good news is you can make your own! The “You Deserve a Medal” mini was published in Make Modern Issue 34 this week along with many other amazing patterns – if you are a modern quilter then this is such a must have magazine. Articles, patterns, tips and tricks from some of the best modern makers in the business. I’ve been proud to be included a few times over the years. And it is digital so you can start sewing in a matter of minutes from purchase – I love that!

Once the pattern was written I asked my great friend Shelley to test it for me to make sure it works. She opted to make a cushion with her own custom embroidery in the middle for her daughter Abby. The end result is just brilliant, it has definitely inspired me to make a cushion version!

So there we go. A mini quilt from me, a new magazine issue to celebrate, quilty prize offerings for everyone and another day in the modern quilting world achieved.

Oh and in case any of you were wondering, yes I got this pattern in late too, by the very hair of my pants. Those Make Modern girls are SAINTS.

Sarah xx

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