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Lemon Squeezy Quiltalong – The Great Big Wrap Up

It feels like hundreds of years have passed since our little Quiltalong started – our world has changed so much! I have struggled so much this past couple of weeks on an emotional level and have had to take conscious steps to go gently with myself, taking absolute time outs when needed. We all navigate crisis differently and that is ok. Some like to focus on the positives, distract themselves with jobs, read as little as possible. I don’t fall into any of those categories. I am a girl who NEEDS to know. I immerse myself in journal articles, world news, statistics and opinion pieces.  I feel safer knowing. This means overwhelm can be very real in the face of a global pandemic. It also means I have to be very careful who I engage with in these times understanding not everyone is like me and wants to talk it all through. To be really clear, I don’t believe anyone does it “better” than anyone else and I don’t believe anyone is getting it completely right. But I do believe we all need to do what feels right and however we process  it is reassuring to know we are all in it together. As it stands right now Australia is faring well – being very far away from the rest of the world really has its benefits in times like this.

Hannah has been home for 3 weeks now. Being cardiac she will need to remain in isolation for quite some time yet but she is in good humor and coping well. Today I sent her outside with a bucket of chalk and carte blanche to do what she liked. Our house looks so bright and happy now even if I fear the bricks will never recover hahaha. Tomorrow she is planning to decorate further so things are going to get really interesting around here I feel. She has also taken an interest in home design and gardening over recent weeks and has many plans for our front area. I am looking foward to helping her with it over the coming weeks and I will share photos when it is done.

But I, as usual digress. I am sure by now no one is surprised about that ha ha! Today is a great day because it is our final wrap up post of the Lemon Squeezy Quiltalong. I am so impressed guys – the finished quilts I have seen are out of this world and I cant wait to share them with you today. And there are still some amazing ones coming – I will share them in future posts as I am sent pictures.

First up though it is time to share my finished quilt with you all. As you probably remember I used Dreamworld by Emily Winfield Martin for Riley Blake and it has turned out beautifully. I did of course do wavy quilting and bound using a navy and gold stripe from the range.


Those illustrations are so divine and perfect features in the quilt. I am glad I adjusted some of the blocks to make use of the panel too – it gave such an amazing level of interest. I had amazing hopes for the photo shoot but self isolation got out of the way but luckily Abby’s room is the perfect backdrop for most quilts.

Now what I know you are all here for – the makes from my super clever participants. I have put together some collages of the finished tops and quilts for you all to see. It really shows just how versatile this quilt pattern is and the different styles and fabrics you can successfully use.

L-R Shelley, Shannyn, Laura & Susie


L-R Silvana, Silvana (yes she made 2!), Linda & Cleo


L-R Carolyn, Tori, Susan and Polly


L-R Leonie, Kellee, Kathy & Kathleen


L-R Karen, Jocelyn, Jenna & Deborah


L-R Deb, Sue, Lyn & Linda


L-R Kathy & Lee

See aren’t they amazing! And not only were they fabulous quilters, every single member of our Facebook group was a pretty spectacular human too. They cheered everyone on and created a beautiful and welcoming environment for everyone to be part of. In fact the group was so fantastic we are not closing it just yet and are going to keep sewing together. I will put up more info on that during the week so if anyone else wants to join us they can. We are planning to tackle all manner of projects together.

Now there is one quilt missing from the collage above and that is because we had one lucky winner of our Quiltalong! The grand prize was a fat quarter bundle of Bloomsbury which was in my original quilt. Lauren from Bebeloush Designs fabric has been an incredible support in our Quiltalong, always on hand to help with fabric questions and offering discounts to those purchasing from her. I sent her the list of finished quilts and a random winner was selected. Congratulations Jenny Hooker! You are the lucky winner from this photo of your beautiful quilt. Please contact Lauren directly to arrange for your prize to be sent.

I wont lie, I am sad our Quiltalong is over. It has been a beautiful distraction over the past few weeks and I have loved watching all these beautiful makes unfold. The clever Susan even wrote a poem when she shared her picture of her quilt top which I have to share with you guys because it is legendary.

I’ve got Tuckers and Smuckers
And dodge ear puckers
Mismatched lines
From upside down aligns.
But I decided to see
The imperfections of me,
A lesson in good or bad
To what fun I have had!
I decided to keep
This awesome fabric heap,
For myself to please me
And remember the fun of Lemon Squeezy!

Earlier in the week I shared this image with my Piccolo Studio Pattern group and I have decided to extend it here now for all of you. Simply use the code SOCIALISO to receieve 50% off all of my PDF patterns for the month of April – may we all create and share together over the coming weeks.

And for now I leave you with one pretty image I took earlier this week of our beautiful Daisy. She always naps on a quilt and right now this one is her favourite. If you look closely you will see she has a wee bow in her hair and a smile on her face. Oh and see the brown wall behind her – it is going this week! I cant wait to show you the home I have created for my original Lemon Squeezy quilt.

Sarah x

Our Quiltalong has run for  6 weeks to the following timetable:

Introduction Post: Sunday 2 February – What are our plans?
Week 1:
 Sun 16 February
Welcome to the Quiltalong and Fabric selections
Week 2: Sun 23 FebruaryCutting our fabrics
Week 3: Sun 1 March Making our first lot of blocks (Block A)
Week 4: Sun 8 MarchMaking our Block B blocks
Week 5: Sun 15 MarchLaying out and assembling our quilts
Week 6: Sun 22 MarchFinishing off

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  • Reply
    06/04/2020 at 5:35 am

    All the quilts look amazing ? but I really love the bricks. Your daughter did an fantastic job decorating. It even got me to comment on a blog post. I usually only comment on Instagram.

    • Reply
      sarah scott
      17/04/2020 at 10:35 am

      Thanks Anne – she had so much fun. I am not sure it is ever going to come off though lol!

  • Reply
    Jenny Hooker
    06/04/2020 at 8:05 am

    Oh Sarah thanks so much. I enjoyed the Quiltalong a lot and it gave me confidence to make another quilt as I haven’t made one in years.I have some Anne of Green Gables fabric and I know which pattern of yours I am going to attempt to make a quilt for my nearly 8 year old grand daughter. I must add that Beboloush is an amazing shop [online for me] and Lauren is really helpful. So thanks again, I have been following you for years and really appreciated the patterns you did during the fires for our precious wildlife, they were so easy to follow. So stay safe and keep sewing!

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