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A peek at 2020 {Part 1}

We are on the home strait. I don’t think I have ever been more excited to head into the Christmas break and have some genuine downtime after an insanely busy year. I am going to do a yearly wrap up at the end of the year so I can see all that was achieved and what I learnt throughout the process. Then I will take a few weeks to do some real planning for 2020 and put some of the thoughts swirling into action. This will include lots of fun things like quiltalongs (using this pattern which you have all gone crazy for) , block swaps, new patterns, old patterns being revived and refreshed and a whole lot more I am sure considering my inability to sit still for long, or stick to a plan hahaha!

But for my next 2 blog posts I want to have a bit of fun and show you the next 2 patterns I am working on, both of which will be my first pattern releases in the New Year. I’m excited to get them out in the big wide world and will be sending them to testers after Christmas so they can work their magic for me. (Want to test? You can join my Facebook group here).

Lets start with the sweetest little lady in all of the land. I first used a version of this design 10 years ago when I made a blanket for Hannah, which is still used and loved today. I used only a stock standard silhouette for that one so have been busy drawing up my own (feet are HARD you guys!) and planning the different sizes I think will be most useful. The pattern will be available in a few parts (similar to my Birdhouse series) meaning you can simply purchase the applique templates to use with your own projects or the patterns for the entire projects as well.

Today I want to to share the applique component of the project because it is so fun and such a brilliant way to showcase sweet details in fabric.

I used Riley Blake’s latest range, Flower Market, for the samples and it was PERFECT in every single way from colour to style to those gorgeous little flowers I could really highlight. My only regret honestly is that I didn’t buy the whole collection – lesson learnt!

I used the applique designs to create a sweet cushion, matching embroidery hoop and blanket. The blanket is a cheap store bought version which has been transformed into a gorgeous and unique gift with a simple addition – perfect for when you need a quick and special gift.

See perfect fabrics for the project! I always love working with Jen Allyson’s ranges because she has such an eye for design and her prints are always a delight to use. They can be cut down to tiny 1/2″ circles or used as 10″ squares and the end result is still perfection – as someone who loves big block quilts and applique that is so appealing to me.

At this stage I think the pattern will be called “Blowing Bubbles” but I am not overly sold – if you have a better idea then please leave it in comments. If I pick yours then you will get a copy of the pattern for free.

I am going to have to go back and buy the whole collection of this fabric aren’t I? It is just too pretty to not be sitting on my shelf.

I don’t have a quilt photo to share yet – I want to keep that as a bit of a surprise for after Christmas – trust me when I say it is really lovely and super beginner friendly too. It will be available in 2 sizes – cot/crib and single/twin and will have a few special options if you would like to add them, or you can keep it super simple if you prefer.

So there you go – sneak peek number 1 for 2020.  I hope you are as excited as I am for this one. I can already imagine a million projects in my head it would be perfect for.

Now go and enjoy the Christmas craziness.

Sarah x

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    mary jane
    15/12/2019 at 12:23 am

    i think the little girl is making wishes as she blows the bubbles and so I think it should be titled “Bubble Wishes”

    • Reply
      sarah scott
      16/12/2019 at 9:19 pm

      That is a good option Mary – thank you 🙂

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