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Kushukuru Gift Tour

I have been keeping a secret for the past couple of months and it has been so hard you guys, so hard! Mainly because the people I would normally run to and share the cool stuff with I wanted to be the recipients of this amazing project instead.

Back in September Jessica Swift shared an amazing and inspiring project idea and I just had to get on board. The premise was so simple, make something for someone you love from her latest collection for Art Gallery Fabrics, Kushukuru. I was so excited I emailed immediately and asked to be a part of it. Now because I am all the way over here in Australia I know it is hard for designers to consider me for projects and tours so I was half expecting Jessica to politely decline my application. Imagine my suprise when she took a leap of faith and said yes!

It took me all of 3.2 seconds to know I wanted to make my new favourite thing – a quilted cushion. How I love piecing and quilting fabric together in weird and wonderful ways. I was having so much fun I couldn’t stop at just one and ended up with four, each as different as the last and all hopefully wonderfully received by their intended.

There is so much to love about these cushions – the fact that they become their own mini masterpieces and really allow fabric to shine. And of course they are a great way to practice techniques, stitches and new quilting styles. If you have been following me for a while you would know that wavy quilting is my new favourite thing, it made sense that would end up in this project too for some of the cushions too lol.

And then there is the fact you can add trim too, I opted to do this for half the cushions I made, a bit of unexpected detail. I love how this pink tassel works with these amazing prints and add to the fun. I am a huge fan of adding detail and I think the rainbow jaguar approves too.

The idea of gifting something to those I am grateful too was really inspiring. I am so lucky to have many wonderful friends and supports in my life and it made me really stop and take stock. It made me realise that showing the people I love how much I love them is something I need to do more of. So from this point forward I plan to spend more time loving up those who always love me. I do a lot quietly behind the scenes but a big vocal love cuddle is a pretty wonderful thing to share too.

Now lets get knee deep in these cushions!

It took no time to decide who would be the recipient of my first Kushukuru gift – it was a no brainer. I have a friend who is not only a passionate supporter of Piccolo Studio but also a wonderful friend. The sort of friend you can be honest with, cry with, share inappropriate gifs with and have real conversations with. It had to be my most eclectic cushion that had hidden details all around it because Shannyn is my most eclectic and wonderful friend. She can take me down a rabbit hole of imagination with the simplest of sentences thanks to her phenomenal gift with words. It may sound a bit corny (ok it is a LOT corny) but she really can be my rainbow on the cloudiest of days. And of course she is a super talented maker too, one who pours her soul into each of her pieces just like I do. Our recent collaboration together only proves that – read the bunny bios on her website, they are hilarious!!

The second cushion is staying much closer to home – in fact it is in the room down the end of the hall. My eldest daughter Abby finished year 12 last week and is ready to embark on the next step of her life journey. I couldn’t be more excited or prouder of her. She has had a really tough year this year due to illness and yet she has tackled it in her own Abby way and held on to the end. I am so incredibly grateful for her both as a daughter and a human being. She is hard working, high achieving and most of all so kind. She has worked harder this year than anyone I know not only in her studies but also playing and coaching netball (lots and lots of netball) and working in her part time job. I want to give her the whole world but since she seems so intent on getting it herself I hope this cushion is enough of a start.

Cushion number 3 is heading to a friend I don’t get to ever spend enough time with. Over the years she has been such a wonderful friend and it has been a pleasure to have her in my life. She works hard raising her 4 amazing children and she has taught me so much about what being a mother, friend and wife. We are both in the busiest time of our life right now and the time to talk on the phone has been so hard to find in the past couple of years but that doesn’t mean I love her less, admire or less or have given her any less space in my heart. Kathy McPherson you will always remain one of my most favourite people in the Universe and one day we will get that cuddle in person.

And the last cushion? Well this one is part of my gratitude plan. After all I remain so grateful for all of you. I would love to gift this cushion to someone who really needs a smile and some kindness of their own. If you know someone who needs a smile on their face then please nominate them on the giveaway post on my Facebook page . Entries will close on the 27 November. No strings attached, special conditions or terms just the chance to do something kind because I can. I look forward to reading your tributes to those you love.

And with one more sneaky picture I am done – 4 cushions, 4 lovely people celebrated and 4 reasons to use this amazing fabric. Oh and one more surprise too – the tutorial to make these quilt as you go cushions yourself can be found right here.

OK that was the last pic I promise ……

Sarah x


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