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The Piccolo Velveteen Heartstrings Collaboration

I really love a good collaboration and I mean really love! Working by myself at home means life can become so insular if I am not careful and, before I realise it, I am only leaving the house to do school runs (often in my pyjamas still). It is why they online community is vital to my mental health as a maker and I love that like minded friends can be at the other end of messenger if if they are thousands (and hundreds of thousands) of kilometres away. Over the year the lines between “online” and “real” friends has blurred into a lovely new normal where some of my favourite people live too far away for coffee yet I can be chatting to them  before I have even got up out of bed – how lucky we are to have a social media community, if we choose to use it for good of course!

One of my favourite people is Shannyn, the powerhouse behind De’lish Boutique. It is not uncommon for us to be having an entire conversation only in GIFs or pouring over dodgy cat merchandise and memes. She is a lovely lovely friend who I have tremendous respect for as  fellow woman, mother and maker.

Shannyn and I have been dreaming up a collaboration for a while now and tonight it all came to fruition with a release in her shop, it has all been so exciting to be part of! Beautiful velveteen rabbits with the best personalities (seriously read her biographies under each link because they are bloody brilliant!) in stunning dresses with matching mini quilts and a copy of the book The Velveteen Rabbit – such a special collection designed for those who genuinely understand the value of bespoke handmade.

Now I promised myself that I wouldn’t talk too  much tonight and let the pictures do the talking so without further ado I introduce the Piccolo Velveteen Heartstrings Collection, all pictures have been taken by Shannyn who captured the collection so perfectly.

Aren’t they just gorgeous! And the beauty is in the details – hand quilting, embellished hems, fussy cut deer and bunnies from that stunning kokka fabric. The bunnies are designed purposefully without eyes and adornments making them perfect for imaginative play for all ages. They are designed to be loved and patched and cared for forever.

How lucky I am to know Shannyn and to create such beauty with her.

Shop the collection here:  https://delishboutique.spiffystores.com/

Sarah xx


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    13/11/2019 at 7:14 am

    Right in dem feels!

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