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Summer school holidays are nearly over and I have had a lovely time with the kids. So much so I virtually shut my business down over these 6 weeks and just enjoyed being with them and in the moment. Lots of movies were watched, the beach and pool was visited and friends were on constant rotation. It was a lovely time and, while I am excited for the routine that school brings, I am really going to miss them and their noise when everyone returns to school next week.

Of course I am a naturally busy person, so it wasn’t all relaxing with movies and books. School holidays is always when I get work done around the house, the business blinders are off and I can see all the bits and pieces I have been meaning to do but can’t in the daily whirlwind of school, homework, sport and life in general. This holidays was no exception and I achieved a lot of pretty this time round, including a huge sewing room revamp which I will share in a couple of days because all that hard work deserves a post of its own and I took a LOT of photos.

First up was our family room. I had painted it grey last holidays and set it up to be functional but it was really missing any sort of wow factor. There was a corner of the room screaming out for some style and it really didn’t take much to make it a lovely space that will get plenty of use. And it all started with the addition of curtains …..

These stunning curtains are part of Jocelyn Proust’s newest homewares range for Spotlight stores, Australia wide. They are a lovely touch of modern Australian design in my house and really stole the show the minute they were hung in the room.


Because the curtains are so detailed I kept everything else quite neutral although still with touches of interest, such as the simple linen and denim cushions which coordinated perfectly. On the wall behind I hung a gorgeous print purchased by Aussie designer Hill & Burrow and my macrame plant hanger and bowl I made in a workshop with Charlene from Fleurieu Gifts in 2017! It has been hanging around for a long time waiting for a place to shine. I am really getting into plants, although I know I am somewhat late to the trend lol.

This is my first time using a curtain to dictate a space and I really enjoyed the challenge. Usually I keep mine quite neutral and in the background but I think this is changing going forward because I am loving seeing them in the window every time I walk into the room.

Even more exciting – I had the perfect mug to match! I do love a colour coordinated coffee where I can. And, more importantly, Daisy clearly approves too.

Now I could have stopped there and sat back down with my book but I had guests coming to stay and Jocelyn Proust still in my mind! You see Abby’s room often in my photos because it is a lovely room with lots of natural light and I decided to give it a quick facelift for the family coming to say. Again Spotlight came to the rescue with a quilt cover and gorgeous sheer curtains.

Anyone who knows me will quickly know of my love affair with pom poms and this range has them in abundance! Such a sweet pop of detail which made my quilty heart happy.

I borrowed the cushions from the family room for photos because again, they tied in so well. I really love that g’day one and definitely want to play more with the idea going forward.

Pom poms everywhere! Even trimming the curtains.

It is such an inviting set for a bed and lovely quality too which, for me, is the most important thing.

Clearly I had some fun taking photos too – it is always fun to have something pretty in front of my good camera.

Oh modern Australian homewares how I love thee.

Sarah xx






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  • Reply
    Susan Shaw
    31/01/2019 at 11:59 am

    The updates are beautiful. I love the choice of colors. I, being in the northern hemisphere, have a difficult time right now thinking about warm weather. It’s “warm” where I live right now in the center of the United States. I am in the center horizontally and vertically of the US. There are terribly cold temperatures (=45 F) on the thermometer, not with wind chill. People are suffering with frostbite. Businesses and schools are closing due to cold temperatures and snow. Luckily, I am not in an area where we are afflicted with that kind of weather either. Then, we have people who are dying from the flu this year. There is an epidemic of the measles. Some people do not believe in immunizing their children from diseases and even some people who have been immunized are falling prey to this disease. The stats are that 1 person can infect 1 -18 other people who can in turn infect 1-18 other people and it continues. I’m thrilled to see your cheery post. I’m under a nice electric throw which mimics warm weather and it seems nice and toasty in my house. I am blessed not to be in any of those areas where many are facing hardship. Your post is encouraging and I thank you. Now, I need to think about what I want to cut out this evening to make tomorrow. Thank you for the great inspiration.

    • Reply
      sarah scott
      02/02/2019 at 5:24 pm

      Thank you so much Susan – I know the weather is crazy all over the world right now. Parts of Australia are flooding while others are on fire. But we are lucky to have the warm days to get us through. I have friends in the US who post daily photos of the snow and cold over there – it is amazing to see just how cold places can get! I really want an electric throw now too for winter here although with all the quilts in the house my husband may think that I am crazy lol. Enjoy your sewing. Sarah x

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    Marlin Fahey
    18/06/2020 at 8:08 pm

    You choose a nice color and the whole room looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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