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Introducing the Piccolo Mosaic Quilt


Things around here are exciting. I am loving seeing all my different Piccolo Patterns out in the big wide world of quilting and getting great feedback. It is a steep learning curve and one I couldn’t be on without the invaluable help of friends, it really is true that your business is only as strong as the network around you. I am loving learning all the new skills that comes with this though and while I have no plans to stop the retail side of Piccolo Studio this new venture has added a cherry on top. I have so many quilts drawn out and tutorials planned out it is crazy – like really crazy. Now I just need to find the time to get it all out there. That, as all you mums out there know, is the hardest part of all. But I cant imagine life as anything but crazy busy, it seems my brain works best when I have a million things to do at once.


Today I am introducing my Piccolo Mosaic quilt pattern. You may have seen it on the front cover of Make Modern Issue 23, a fantastic digital quilting magazine produced here in Australia. This mag is a must read if you are looking for a diverse range of patterns and tutorials and great value for money. I have been a subscriber for many years now, so there was much excitement when I had the email from them confirming my pattern submission had been accepted. If you are a quilter then this magazine is a vital part of your digital library. Click here for their website and a list of all the fabulousness they have created (affiliate link).


A bit of back story. If you read my blog you would know I have been lucky enough to work with Amanda Brandl Designs and her Australiana themed fabrics that she has released via Australian fabric house Kennard and Kennard Fabrics. Amanda reached out to me last year to work with her and her fabrics to create a pattern she could use to promote them. Of course I leapt at the chance. I mean who wouldn’t. I created the mosaic quilt especially with Amanda’s range Taking Flight in mind. I wanted large blocks to show off the gorgeous bird prints and some fun detailing that was simple but striking. Luckily Amanda loved the design I created. Then when Make Modern approached her to work with her ranges she told them about our joint project together. I submitted the pattern to them and was so excited when they accepted it. The rest as they say, is history.


Once my Mosaic quilt was completed I headed up to my favourite place to take photos – Magpie Springs. I had already photographed my Taking Flight Quilt and Prism Quilt there earlier in the year and, as it was the perfect backdrop, I knew I had to go up there again for these pics. I swear I could take a hundred photos and never run out of locations to shoot. I took my favourite photos on the old hills hoist, the cottage, the wrecked piano and by the dam. So much to love. Avril was again a fabulous host, I really do urge everyone to pay a visit, buy the wine, share the love of such a unique venue. Not many spots in Australia where you will find a proper rock climbing wall, winery and Art Gallery in one spot.


After I submitted the photos to Make Modern for the pattern pages I received a very exciting email back to say my quilt had made the front cover. I may have screamed the supermarket down when I read it. The kids and I were jumping up and down like crazy things, they are as invested in this journey as I am and love watching what I am creating and watching my business grow.


Now more about this pattern! The Piccolo Mosaic quilt is throw size so 150x150cm (60″x60″) and designed to feature large scale prints. It works off 40 cm (16″) blocks so it is a quick sew and the perfect weekend project. It is, like all my patterns, beginner friendly. I am making up a floral version now because I just cant help myself so stay tuned because I will come back to update the post with more photos as soon as it is finished. If you are following along on social media then I am using the hashtags #piccolomosaicquilt and of course my standard one #piccolopatterns as well. If you want to follow me more closely and see what I am releasing then please join my facebook group Piccolo Pattern Studio, I have a quiltalong planned to start soon for the lovely members in there, all designed to teach them some simple quilting blocks that will help venture happily into the quilting world.


I would love to hear from anyone who buys Make Modern and makes my Mosaic quilt – please tag me in your pics or email them to me so I can see. Bonus points for putting a puppy or baby on them of course ;-).


Sarah x



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