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Robin’s mama throw

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It’s finally Autumn! I am so excited you guys. It is my all time favourite season with the warm days and cool nights – perfect quilt snuggling weather. Actually we snuggle under quilts all year round – in fact I have been known to put the air conditioner on just so I can sit under a quilt, what can I say except we are a snuggly family.

The past few weeks have been busy here with writing and releasing patterns (you can see them here), finishing custom quilt orders, planning my next batch of quilts and trying to organise myself for the month ahead. I have a massive list of projects I am trying to work on all at once and I get frustrated when it isn’t done yesterday. I am not a patient person and finally knowing what I want to do when I grow up (write all the patterns and make all the quilts!) means I just want to be there already. It isn’t a change of direction, I think I was heading this way all along, but it is a change of thought process and I have really honed down on what I want piccolo studio to be about – that is beautiful quilts, made well, in as many homes as I can get them in. If that means I physically make them or write the patterns so you can it doesn’t matter to me either way. So this means you can expect a lot more from me over the coming months – ready made quilts, cushions, decor and gifts as well as patterns, tutorials, collaborations and as many other things as I can fit into my day around 3 children, a husband, dog and a whole lot of sport!

Now I have a wonderful customer who loves handmade quilts as much as I do and today I am so happy to share her latest custom order – a ragged mama throw just for her. I love when mums spoil themselves with special quilty purchases although we all know that all the kids will end up snuggled on the lounge with her as soon as it comes out.

Robin had an exact idea in mind for the fabric in her quilt and we ended up finally finding the perfect range on Spoonflower by Ivie Cloth Co. The charcoal and blush tones are sophisticated and modern, so perfect for a lounge room. Robin decided she wanted a rag quilt this time around and we used a stunning charcoal flannel for the back, which of course showed through to the ragging at the front and added a touch of drama.

http://piccolostudio.com.au/2018/04/15/robins-mama-throw/ ‎

Photo courtesy of Ivie Cloth Co

It is such a pretty quilt! I love the modern feel and know it will suit a lounge room perfectly but yet it has a simple, classic edge too so wont date. And again, it’s so snuggly which is so important for quilts.

http://piccolostudio.com.au/2018/04/15/robins-mama-throw/ ‎

And the best thing about rag quilts – they are designed to be washed and dried so they get better and softer with age. There is nothing better than not having to be too precious with your quilt, especially with children around!

http://piccolostudio.com.au/2018/04/15/robins-mama-throw/ ‎

And although they are a simple make, don’t be fooled! These babies take ages to make properly. I have a rather convoluted process I follow but I get the best end results that way so I wont change it for the world. The rag part on each seam is created from hundreds of tiny little scissor cuts – in this quilt alone I estimate there would be around 2500 tiny snips to create that lovely rag effect.

http://piccolostudio.com.au/2018/04/15/robins-mama-throw/ ‎

When the quilt was finished I just happened to be heading to Magpie Springs to photograph my Taking Flight Quilt. I took this quilt with me in the hope I could snap a couple of lovely pics there for this blog. When I walked into the gallery I knew immediately I had to get a couple of shots. These portraits are all by Avril Thomas herself, owner of the gallery and a remarkable artist. It is such a lovely place to visit and I am planning another trip up there soon with yet another quilt, I sense I’ll never get bored of it as a photographic backdrop.

http://piccolostudio.com.au/2018/04/15/robins-mama-throw/ ‎

And the best part of this whole post is the fact the minute the quilt arrived it was on Robin’s couch ready to be used and loved!

xx Sarah

http://piccolostudio.com.au/2018/04/15/robins-mama-throw/ ‎

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