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Introducing the piccolo Moonface pattern ……


Ok so before we begin I think it is fair to warn you guys there is going to be a lot of photos! But what is a girl to do when there are too many great ones to pick between. I hope you love the resulting inspiration though – I know it made me really excited to see so many different ways a pattern can be made.

But, as usual, I have jumped ahead of myself. I have a wee bit of a story first…..

As you all know I have been part of handmade for a very long time, nearly the whole of my adult life. With the start of social media came the opportunity to meet fabulous like minded women and as we watched our businesses grow we were lucky to form fast friendships. One of those friends is the talented Jen Kennedy. Originally the creator of one of my fave clothing labels Ainslee Fox she jumped into patterns and now is the editor and creator of my favourite sewing magazine in the world, One Thimble. Packed with articles and patterns, the magazine is all about creating confident sewers who are always learning new skills. Part of the reason that One Thimble is so great is the fact that Jen has always been one of the kindest makers in handmade, she has always been generous with her time and had a genuine interest in everyone succeeding. That coupled with genuine talent means that she has created a thriving empire, one I am proud to be part of now.

Last year I contacted Jen nervously and pitched my idea of  taking my popular Moonface cushion and turning it into a pattern for Issue 18. She was quick to say yes, I panicked as it was the first time I have written a pattern, and then got down to work. I was lucky to have a brilliant group of friends around me who supported me by testing the pattern, taking stunning photos, helping with promotion and just being brilliant as I felt my way through the process. The issue itself is brilliant and filled with 10 patterns and 29 articles (including 2 from me on creating a kantha cushion and my thoughts on the hustle movement). What I love about Jen (well one of the hundreds of things I love about Jen) is that she takes a chance on emerging designers and gives them an opportunity, many magazines wouldn’t. She mentors and supports through the entire process and gives you the confidence you need to produce something you are proud of. In this issue the majority of the patterns were from first time designers and you can see the talent that was there waiting to be found – Jen has a great eye for that.


Now like I have already said, I couldn’t have done any of this without the help of friends. Community is really important for handmade and these girls really came through when I needed them.

First up was Fee of Little M.E Images (www.instagram.com/littlem.e.images) who I sent my moon samples to for photos – and, as always, what amazing photos I got. I love how she captured the texture of the felt, the very reason why I chose it in the first place.www.piccolostudio.com.au

From there the pattern went to my wonderful group of testers, who were all so generous with their time and support. They offered genuine feedback and gave me amazing photos – what a happy pattern creator they made me. I have so many amazing photos to share so from them I dont even know where to start. I have such clever friends …

sewn by Sarah from Carousels and Candyfloss


sewn by Tab from Mrs Bunnymaker


sewn by Katie from the Handcrafted Collective


sewn by Tanya from Sewvolution

See what I mean! How talented are my friends. It was so exciting to see their photos come in, and they took so many great ones for me, this is just a snippet.

But the visual feast isnt even over yet because then One Thimble was realeased! And then I got more pics sent to me from talented ladies who had bought the pattern and were sewing it for the first time. I was so grateful that it was well received, I had clearly underestimated how stressful that part was going to be. So without further ado – more pretty pictures just for you showing the true diversity of the pattern once interpreted individually.

First up though lets talk about Hunter. Believe it or not he is only 7 years old. He wanted to make Mr Moon and did all the sewing himself – what a legend! I bet he has a very proud mum in Alana.


sewn by Hunter and his Mum Alana from Precious Little Buds


sewn by Rachel from Once Upon a Sewing Machine


sewn by Mary-Anne from Missy Moo


sewn by Lou from Cece Pixie by Lou

And finally one last story from Lauren because it was just too sweet not to share. She made a deal that if she got ready for daycare with no more fuss there would be a Moonface cushion waiting for her when she got home. And, of course, mum delivered with this pink beauty!


sewn by Lauren

Phew! So that was a big post, even for me. But it really was so exciting to share the whole process with you all and celebrate those that helped me take this huge step in the world of piccolo.

Now if you want to make your own Moonface you can get the pattern here. And if you take photos please please PLEASE tag me on instagram and facebook. The hashtags for this project are #piccolomoonface and #piccolopatterns – it is a great sew for a confident beginner and one that all little ones seem to be loving.

Sarah x





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