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Stella’s Memory Quilt


For my very last post of 2017 I want to share with you all a quilt I made over 3 years ago now that still sits very close to my heart. I want to make sure that all the special orders I made in the early Piccolo days make their way onto my blog instead of languishing in Facebook albums, never to be shared and celebrated. I have decided that my last post of this year and my first post of 2018 will be two quilts that gave me the most amount of joy and still do.

As many of you now know I gift memory quilts to families who have lost children. These are made from their clothes and are a true labor of love. I decided early on that these quilts would never be charged for, and to be honest it was the best decision I ever made. There is no greater feeling on this Earth than literally helping to wrap a grieving family up in love. I have spoken before about my belief in the importance of having tangible memories, something you can hold, wrap yourself in and use to remember certain times. And lets not forget my beautiful community who never fail to disappoint either. It must be incredibly hard to send your precious pieces to a stranger and trust in the process. I never ever underestimate the bravery in that first step. And with permission I always share the journey on my Facebook page, it is there that an even more beautiful thing happens – my community takes the time to wrap these families up in love and take part in the journey with them. Stella’s quilt was the very first I made as Piccolo and the feedback and responses were beautiful, I still remain humbled by them and I know Chelsea, Stella’s mother does too.

I have decided to share the post as it appeared on my Facebook page 3 years ago. I told the story there in words and pictures and want to do the same again.

So with no more words let our memory quilt journey begin ….

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Another beautiful thing that happens when I make memory quilts is how many other handmade businesses come forward and offer to help in some way. In this instance I sent some of Stella’s clothes to my lovely friend Jess at Little Peach Handmade who made this beautiful owl to match, a gorgeous keepsake for Stella’s baby sister.www.piccolostudio.com.au
And yes you heard right -sister! In the same week Chelsea received Stella’s quilt back home she received news she was expecting a beautiful baby girl – a sister for Stella, Jett and Chase. Cleo Estelle was born on the 23 March 2015 and her newborn photos were taken on Stella’s memory quilt. I cant put into words how special that made me feel.

Photo courtesy of Chantelle Watt Photography

I have been lucky to stay in contact with Chelsea over the years via Facebook and her kindness and incredible empathy for my own family situation never fails to amaze me. She is an incredibly special woman and one I am grateful to have met and now call a friend. Sharing this memory quilt tonight has further reminded me that in life many people cross your path for a reason and I consider myself so lucky Chelsea and Stella crossed mine.


Photo courtesy of Nadine T Photography

I hope you have all enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me.

Sarah xx

PS Stella’s journey can be found at Stella’s Galaxy, a place where Chelsea still posts beautiful updates on her family and remembers Stella, the brightest star in the sky.

PPS Other memory quilts I have created and blogged can be found here and here. More will be shared over the coming weeks as well as I update things here.

























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