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Elsie’s Mermaid Tail


So tonight’s blog post is coming to you from a brand new computer. After weeks of attempting to run my business off my iPhone I finally have a laptop that you can a) turn on and b) connect to the internet – huzzah!

It really has been a hell of a month here. I mean life is generally a bit crazy but we really took it to the next level. Here is a snippet of what happened:

  • Hannah got sick with an infection, then picked up a virus while we were at the children’s hospital which triggered eczema herpeticum and finally finished with crackles in her lungs. At one point there I was managing 17 different medications all taken at different times of the day!
  • I was diagnosed with a melanoma on my foot which had to be immediately cut out. Good news is they got it all, bad news is that stitches on the ball of your foot HURT and I am not a good patient.
  • Our lawnmower died.
  • Our air conditioner died.
  • Our computer died.
  • Our fridge died.
  • I came down suddenly with double pneumonia had a choice of complete bed rest or hospital. I chose bed rest which with 3 children at this time of the year was no mean feat. Did I mention I am not a good patient?
  • I decided somewhere in the middle of all of this (because you know I wasn’t busy enough) to empty all 3 kids rooms so I could repaint them and switch them around – no I am not joking. I hadn’t got all that far into it when the pneumonia hit so chaos reigned supreme. I think everyone realised just how sick i was when I handed the kids the brushes, rollers and paints and went back to bed. That is right you guys I handed all the painting and responsibility to a 16,11 and 9 year old!! Now in all fairness they did a great job and all 3 rooms were done and furniture put back in. I still have to get things up on the walls and put up new blinds but that has to wait until next week.

See what I mean? Crazy! We are slowly coming out the other side and looking forward to a quiet and completely boring end to the year, that was far too much to handle in the space of 4 weeks!

Anyhoo on Thursday I picked up my new laptop and have been slowly been setting it up around sewing orders and sorting kids. It is exciting to finally be using a keyboard again I can tell you although I am not sure how I feel about a laptop over a PC, time will tell I guess.

Now through all of this I did lots of sewing and of course that means lots and lots of blog posts that need to be written and shared. I promise the next one I write will just get straight into it not have a long ramble at the beginning lol.

So tonight i am sharing my version of the Melody Mermaid Tail, a pattern created by Lauren Wright from Molly and Mama for my favourite digital sewing magazine One Thimble (Issue 16). One Thimble is filled with amazing articles and patterns, I highly recommend it if you are a sewing enthusiast, there are so many great projects to try all of which have been created by some of Australia’s greatest talents across the handmade world.

Now when I saw the mermaid tail I knew immediately that I wanted to make it so it was perfect timing when my lovely customer Fee approached it and asked me if I would make one for her using a vintage sheet from her vast collection. We opted to not create a scallop effect but instead use the sheet on its own and the end result is just gorgeous. I lined the bag with minky as per the pattern and used ric rac for tail detailing instead of stitching. So much sweetness!

Fee is a very talented photographer and stylist so knowing how lacking my photo skills are I didn’t even attempt this one but instead sent it straight to her to photograph. The end results didn’t disappoint, but then with Fee nothing much ever does. Elsie’s sweet vintage room provided the perfect backdrop and her sweet sleeping pose was the icing on the cake!





I know i keep saying it but I wished Fee lived closer, then I would never need to take another photo again! That said though she is probably glad there is distance between us lol.

So there you have it – a vintage sheet, some pink ric rac and soft minky made into a gorgeous snuggly mermaid blanket that any little girl will love.

If you would like to make your own version of the Melody Mermaid Tail you can purchase the pattern here, it is a quick sew and definitely beginner friendly. Alternately I am happy to make all your mermaid dreams come true with a custom order.

A huge thank you to Fee for all these gorgeous images and Elsie for being such a gorgeous model. If you would like to see more of Elsie’s gorgeous room you can find her on Instagram under the handle fee_loves_ or to see more of her photography and perhaps enquire about pics of your own if you live in the Geelong area then please visit littlem.e.images and bask in the beauty of her feed.

Enjoy your weekend guys – we are going to have a scorcher here so you will find me under my newly repaired air conditioner hopefully writing my next post!

Sarah x






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    16/12/2017 at 9:46 pm

    What a month!!! These photo’s are simply beautiful. So glad you are all on the mend. Please look after yourselves and have a restful break over Christmas.

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