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Playing with Tilda Cottage


Can you all believe it is nearly Christmas?! I mean seriously this month is flying past at an alarming rate. Now I believe that is mainly to do with the fact I am turning 40 next week and I guess a big milestone means everything hurtles that much faster at you. Still this is not the blog post to talk about the fact everything seems to be aching these days – I have way better things to share!

Recently I had the true pleasure of being sent Tilda’s new range Cottage and you guys it is truly delicious! I immediately wanted to make all the things and make all the things I did! This range is classic in design with gorgeous colours and florals which automatically itched and tickled my creative soul.


Now as you guys now I standardly make a quilt when a new range arrives and use it as an opportunity to try something new and build my skills. This time though I had Christmas on the brain, namely gifts and stockings. So I decided to use this gorgeous bundle and really play with it. The end result is lots of pieces I love that I cant wait to share!

First up stockings!
www.piccolostudio.com.auHonestly I am obsessed with the florals in this range – they are just beautiful and perfectly suited to Christmas decor. I trimmed the stockings in a  crochet trim rather than traditional pom pom and I am glad I kept it all simple and sweet.

Next up I decided to play with gift ideas. I wanted to create gorgeous things that had a practical use and would be great for the people you buy smaller things for – namely teachers. I decided to do a range of quilted journal covers, key fobs and ipad covers. The best part about making so many small things is that I got to really use and show off the different fabrics and combos. And I really do believe they will be the sort of gift anyone would love to receive.


I think it is pretty clear I had a world of fun.

It was hard to choose a favourite out of the journal – I mean how do you pick! In the end though I think this one makes me smile the most.


Now lets talk key fobs! How great are these things. Not only do they look fabulous hanging off your keys they also make them way easier to find in your bag and if running into shops etc you can loop keys over your wrist and keep your hands free, if you have toddlers you will now just how important that is! I used some different fabrics in mine to show a more modern twist to the range and photographed them in a little upcycled drawer I bought a few years ago. Guys these are a great small gift when you just want to give a token. And in true piccolo style they are practical and pretty (could I have it any other way!).


Now I have to admit iPad covers weren’t initially on my to make list but I had all these scraps in front of me and a sudden idea in my brain. It just had to happen. I made two in the end and it was a great way to use up my scraps. To be honest I struggled finding a tutorial online I liked to make one so VOILA I made my own! Click here for more.


So as you can see Tilda Cottage is a lovely and versatile range. And it was perfect for gift making projects. I loved how within the collection there were so many different colour options you could put together and while I erred more on the traditional side with my colour matching for the most part I  couldn’t help adding in some funky options too. And the end result is lots of pretty pieces that should put a smile on someone’s face this year.


How is that for a beautiful set? Those colours really do make me giddy.

And for one last surprise – these pieces have all been added to my store. So if you are looking for something special to purchase that I promise will make the recipient happy (after all teachers can only eat so much chocolate I promise you) then click here for my store and shop shop away. Christmas made easy piccolo style.

Side note: the gorgeous personalised bonsai in my pics can be found over at Fleurieu Gifts. Can you see Peter and my initials engraved in that heart – so freaking cute!

xxx Sarah






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    21/11/2017 at 8:30 am

    These are gorgeous, I would be thrilled to receive any of the for Christmas. x

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      sarah scott
      21/11/2017 at 5:31 pm

      Thank you Kay. I’d be happy with them too so glad I’m not completely biased ?

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