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Abbie-Mae’s Room – Dreamcatcher


It is absolutely no secret that custom orders with me look very different from initial concept to finished product. Why? Well because fabric in real life always changes things. And when you have a lovely customer like Jody who is willing to just let me play then things absolutely take a left turn. Case in point is Abbie-Mae’s quilt set which started as a simple rag quilt and ended in a quilt around a centre panel. Did I think that is where we would end up? Hell to the no! Am I sad we did? Absolutely not.

I say it time and time again, when you order a custom quilt you should expect it not to be made to a standard template. Life should be creative and you should be blown away by the end result. As quilters who sell it remains our job to convince people that handmade quilts are a worthwhile investment and we cant do that if you dont love it.

www.piccolostudio.com.auI had already made a gorgeous quilt set for Jody in the past using a Tilda range and this time round when she contacted me she knew exactly the range she wanted to feature. Jody is a lover of pastels so the Studio E Dreamcatcher range fit perfectly. Filled with sweet prints and the perfect shade of pink and blue it ticked every box.

www.piccolostudio.com.auNow like I said this quilt was initially meant to be a rag quilt but when the feature panel arrived both Jody and I decided instead to build the quilt around it. I made something similar to a log cabin style and it turned out to be simple but still oh so pretty. For quilting I simply outlined the little lady in the middle but did more denser style designs for the borders. I used a mix of different stitches just to add a bit of interest to the quilt. I think it turned out really well with that extra subtle detailing.

www.piccolostudio.com.auJody is a girl after my own heart because she LOVES CUSHIONS! I mean who doesnt love them really, they are amazing things. She opted for many accessories for the order – a quilted pillowsham, pillowcase, floor pillow, name cushion, dolly bedding and apple pie. We also added in a matching laundry bag too in the stripe fabric she loved the most.



www.piccolostudio.com.auThe name cushion was done using velvet. It is sneaking into more and more of my work and I think an addiction is forming. It is a good addiction to have though lol.

www.piccolostudio.com.auLook how sweet that floor pillow looks in Hannah’s reading corner too. We chose again to feature the panel print and I edged it in lace for some extra vavavoom. Simple, sweet but as always, practical.

www.piccolostudio.com.auSo there we have another quilt set finished for 2017. I looked at my books recently and realised I was fully booked out for this year which is amazing. And I have the pleasure of working with many different quilt styles and fabrics. Add that to the ready made ranges I am trying to create in my spare time, website orders and quilts I make for blog posts and the end of the year promises to be crazy busy, super pretty and and as always truly fulfilling.

xxx Sarah


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