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Heidi’s nursery – Pastel Magic

I love the start of a new week, I know I know I am crazy to most of you but the thought of  it all laid out before me and the hopeless dream that my to do list can ever be completed in 7 days always puts a smile on my face. This week the list is particularly epic considering we have added a couple of weeks of sickness (me for a change) into the mix but I remain positive. By Friday I am sure I will be the strung out version of me you are all used to but for now I am about smiles and possibility.

Today I am finally excited to share the Nursery set I created for Heidi and her mum Aimee. It was such a delight to work with Sarah Jane Magic fabrics again and add in some solid pastels to the mix. The set consisted of a Cot Quilt, Personalised Pillow, Apple Pie cushion, dolly bedding set and Floor Pillow cover from me and, as an exciting addition, a matching Blooms and Butterflies Doll Studio Dolly. She was hard to put in the parcel let me tell you!

I know right – she is beautiful!

Aimee and I chatted at length about her set, going back and forth on different colours, quilt styles, quilting styles etc. This is all part of the custom process with me, we work together until you are happy with the outcome. Why? Because I make things to hopefully be part of your home forever. Piccolo Studio is not about fashion (although I like to think I am fashionable!) but rather about pieces you love forever that stand the test of time. It is a really important part of what I do.

For the cot quilt Aimee decided on using triangles and a wavy quilting style. I love that it is both classic and modern at the same time. The colours are stunning and will not limit the nursery hugely to one style or theme. There isn’t much out there for little girls that wont coordinate. After all it is rare that pastel doesn’t feature heavily for many many years.

Personalised pillows and apple pies remain by far my most popular cushions. We opted to create Heidi’s in plain purple and gold to make it stand out a bit against the quilt. The apple pie I created using the magic fabrics that were in the quilt, I do love those fussy cut mermaids even though they waste a lot of fabric it is totally completely worth it.

The floor pillow we created in the solid colours only. I love making these because they scream both practicality and pretty. First up they are a removeable cover so can be washed, plus they fit a standard size Euro pillow insert so you can always replace them as they flatten. When you invest money in pieces you should always be able to use them for a long time and with kids around that means being able to both wash and refill on occasion.

The dolly bedding is a sweet mini version of the larger quilt. Interestingly it took nearly as much time to make – tiny triangles are FIDDLY. Aimee bought Heidi a sweet dolly bed and the quilt was made to those dimensions. Heidi has just turned one so a dolly bedding will be a perfect playtime accessory for her.

And now because I cant help myself – some more pics. I am so limited not having a cot here to take photos with so need to get creative.

I have said it before,  I love custom orders. They are hands down the favourite part of my business. Nothing like discussing and planning and then watching something come to life in front of you.  I’m working on my custom order tab to get all the new information up on this new site so bear with me and in the meantime if you can’t wait I am only ever a click away.

xxx Sarah


Heidi’s custom quilt set made by Piccolo Studio



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