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Quilts for sisters – Sommer

Hi there!
Today I am so lucky to share not one but TWO gorgeous quilt sets I made for Jemimah and her sister Abigail. I am a long term follower of  mum Bec’s  page B in my Bonnet and it always blows me away when talented handmaidens ask me to create for them, especially when they make the gorgeous pretties Bec does!

Gorgeous Jemimah and Abigail in their divine handmade dresses

When Bec and I started talking Jemimah and Abigail shared a room and she wanted something similar but different enough to speak to their personalities. Abigail is a blue girl and Jemimah a pink one so we wanted sets that would incorporate those colours but still match. Sommer by Sarah Jane Studios was the perfect combination! We added in touches of Amy Sinbaldi’s range Paperie as well finding it had the perfect colour tones. We also decided to use the gorgeous feature panel in both quilts and I have to say I am in love with the addition!

Our initial quilt design changed a fair bit over the weeks and really when you are working with such beautiful fabrics the possibilities are endless! In the end though Bec fell in love with the hexi style after seeing this gorgeous set made for C4AC this year. So hexies it was and what an amazing decision it turned out to be.

I love how just with a basic tweaking of colour we have two sets that look incredibly different and I have to admit that at this stage I still cant choose my favourite!

A sweet feature added to both quilts was this little turn down top. This may have had something to do with my backing not being the correct length but at the end of the day it makes a gorgeous additional detail and ties in perfectly with the stripping on each side of the feature panel.

And finally quilting! As you guys all know I do all of my quilting myself and a huge benefit to this is that I can make decisions on the spot. I decided to do a wavy stitch through the centre panel, when this is washed I know that it will create a gorgeous crinkly effect, you can already see it starting.

Now just for a second I think it is really important to show these gorgeous quilt sets in their own light, not as a side by side view so you can appreciate them in all their glory (plus I may be a wee bit in love with the pictures!)

So without further ado introducing Jemimah’s quilt set:

And finally Abigail’s:

Now I am not going to lie but probably the very best part of this blog post comes from Bec herself. When I messaged her to say the parcel was on its way and it was a BIG one this is the reply I got back.

I like big parcels and I cannot lie, you other mothers can’t deny that when a van pulls up with an itty bitty slip and a big box in your face, you get {sprung}, want to hide your glee face, cause you know that box is stuffed, deep with the goods you’re buying
I’m hooked and I can’t stop spending.
Oh Insta, I wanna get witcha, come take my picture.
My hubby tried to warn me, but with that free post you got makes me so (me so crazy)
Told you it was gold! Now the song will be in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome!

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