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Lishy’s Quilt – Brambleberry Ridge

What a glorious day!

Don’t you love it when the sun starts to make its presence more felt? It has been such a long, wet and freezing winter and while I do love my layers there is nothing like the energy that comes with warmth, especially in late afternoons. Spring is definitely my favourite season of the year especially on these beautiful mild days.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of posting Lishy’s quilt and now I get to hold my breath for a few days until it safely arrives and I know the customer is happy. Lishy’s mum Tanya is an incredible sewist (find her at Sewvolution)  so I am even more nervous than usual. I am always so grateful when handmade friends order but it definitely makes me that much more stressed lol.

Still when I put the quilt on Hannah’s bed I was extremely happy with her – a new pattern for me (still working outside my comfort zone hahaha) and a very intensive quilting process created something very sweet and I cant wait to see it in it’s new home.

We used the Michael Miller range Brambleberry ridge for the quilt, to date one of the most popular fabric ranges I have used, my Etsy store is always busy with cushions made from it. I wanted to do something really special for Lishy’s quilt so decided on a sweet pattern that would show some detail of the range but in a soft and pretty way. Tanya choose the mint, peach and mauve colours for the quilt and then due to a small mathematical equation mix up I added the white edging which I bloody love! It adds a lovely detail and matches in with the coordinating apple pie cushion.


As always I completely underestimated just how long the quilt would take me. I seem to have some warp speed idea of my sewing prowess but luckily Tanya was ridiculous patient with me (I wont lie that becomes a theme with ALL my quilty customers in the end) and let me play. I am glad I went in this direction though because the fabric works perfectly.

To coordinate with the quilt I made an apple pie cushion in the 4 main Brambleberry prints – I definitely don’t tire of making these cushions and have another four on my sewing table to finish and send out this week so I think it is safe to say you guys don’t tire of them either!

Now for the quilting! I had this awesome idea of quilting all the strips matchstick style but leaving the centre squares soft and untouched. I LOVE the look but wow the time it took was crazy. Keep in mind this is a double bed size quilt! I used 20 bobbins on this baby and with each holding approx 55m of thread that equates to over 2km of thread sitting in this baby. I washed and dried her to get that gorgeous crinkly look and now she will soften over time and be perfectly durable and snuggly.


Lets take a closer look (can you tell I am proud of my efforts lol)

So now I wait patiently for it to make its way home. I religiously monitor tracking on all my quilts to make sure they travel safely. Plus it builds my excitement too, that moment when you know it is about to hit their door step is incredible.

Now off to the sewing machine I go – this is a big sewing week for me as I work on a custom quilt order for 2 gorgeous sisters and also work through my individual Etsy orders. Luckily that shining sun on my back will keep the energy levels flowing, oh and multiple cups of coffee too of course!

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