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Violet’s room – Sadie’s Dance

Happy Sunday!

Best part of my job? Being asked to create something special for a birthday present. I know I say it every single post but I am so humbled when someone chooses me, having a handmade quilt is not a cheap purchase and always requires careful consideration. I am so lucky so many people deem me worthy of their hard earned dollars.

My latest set was made for the beautiful Violet who turned the very big 5 years old! She is lucky to have a talented sewist for a mother who creates some of the best ruffles I have ever seen over at her business My Sweet Violet. She is the master of pretty and classic, making perfect clothes for little girls including her own darlings.

Now Paige and I have been friends for a few years now so selecting fabric was an easy task. Nearly immediately we settled on Sadie’s Dance by Tanya Whelan and because we couldnt choose which fabrics we loved the most we immediately decided to use every single one!

In regards to quilt style Paige very bravely left that up to me and I finally after far too much googling settled in the broken herringbone pattern by Violet Craft. In true Sarah style I leapt straight in boots and all and while the pattern initially seemed daunting it is well written and if you follow step by step you will find it all completely makes sense as you go. Violet herself was amazing too and answered lots of questions for me as I went. This is why I love buying patterns from the makers themselves, most of the time help is always there when you need it. If you ever read this Violet – thank you! To make the quilt slightly larger to fit a single bed I sashed it in white and then 2 different florals  which added a nice detail. I finished it off with relatively simple quilting (dont be fooled though because it still took HOURS lol) which kept the fabric sections lovely and soft to the touch. The end result? So so pretty.

I love how those wide strips really show off the individual fabrics but the white simplifies it back down. And those 3 colours together? I am in love!

Now like me Paige is a cushion girl so boy did we have fun with accessories! We settled on a quilted pillowsham, name cushion, apple pie and birdhouse cushion. At the last moment a matching floor pillow was added too for Violet’s reading corner. There is something about lots of beautiful cushions on a bed – they definitely make my heart happy.

In the quilt pattern Violet mentions alternate uses for the offcuts from the quilt, I decide to turn a section of them into a matching floor pillow cover. I wasnt sure in the beginning but once I saw it in photos I loved it!
And of course I couldnt resist getting lots of pretty cushions in Hannah’s reading corner. It was very hard to pack up this order and post it I can tell you. Paige is very very lucky I love her!
Makes me realise I need 100 different houses so I can play with lots of bedrooms. Not of course, judging by my children’s rooms I would ever actually get them finished.
Now Paige still has photos to show me of the finished room but here are just a couple she sent through – it is so exciting when you realise a set matches perfectly! And look how sparkly the heart looks in her photos – a camera course is absolutely on my list as soon as my order list dies down!
And now while kids are busy I am sneaking back off to my sewing machine to work on some more pretties – this weekend it seems you all want dolly bedding and of course I am happy to oblige.

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