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Skylah’s Room – Emma’s Garden

You know those moments when you look at something and can’t actually believe you are the person that made it? Well that is exactly how I feel when I look at photos of Skylah’s bedroom featuring her brand new quilt set. I am so hard on myself all the time as I have a massive problem with perfectionism so when I send an order out I am struggling to see beyond all the things I could have done better – and yes I know that makes me a temperamental artist in every sense of the word lol.

But when I saw photos of Skylah’s room sent to me by her lovely mum Kira I wont deny it, my breath caught! It fits the space so perfectly, so much so I have to admit that I am not even sharing the photos I took myself because, like I always say, my quilts look a million times better in their own homes than in mine.

Of course many of you will recognize Skylah as the daughter of Kira, one of my favorite handmaidens in the Universe. Her page Blooms & Butterflies Doll Studio is filled with so many beautiful makes I honestly could not pick favorites. Not only is she incredibly talented as the pictures below show but she is a genuinely beautiful person. Meeting her has been a blessing and I count her very firmly as one of my tribe. I am so grateful that we have made a connection over social media because when you work from home it is so important to surround yourself with girls that lift you up and celebrate achievements no matter how small.

See what I mean – the girl is crazy talented! And lets be fair making bedding sets for crazy talented people comes with a fair bit of pressure especially when they are for such an important reason as Miss Skylah’s 2nd birthday.  There was lots of talking and planning to make sure the perfect set was created and I honestly think we nailed it. Plus to see her own made to match dolly sitting on the bed just completes it so perfectly. Skylah is a very very lucky girl!

Skylah’s set consisted of a single bed size rag quilt, patchwork pillow sham, heart cushion and dolly bedding made in the gorgeously soft range Emma’s Garden by Clothworks. It is just one of those timeless collections that I think Skylah will be able to use forever and the fact the quilt is ragged style means it can be washed and dried over and over, they only get better and softer with age. Kira had already purchased a gold butterfly cushion from me earlier in the year and it adds a perfect blingy touch to her room.

And this is why custom order bedrooms are so important to me. Anyone can make a room pretty and “on trend”  but the heart and soul that goes into every single handmade piece can never ever be replicated. I have always believed that every single child should have something that has been made just for them whether it is as simple as a cushion or as elaborate as a doll or quilt. Something that is ordered only with them in mind. Luckily so many of you feel the same way which is why I get to do this every single day in many different styles and colours. Life is never ever boring here at piccolo that is for sure!

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