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Piper’s Quilt – Barefoot Roses


I am desperately trying to ignore the fact it is freaking February already, let alone nearly the end of of it! Seriously where is this year going and can we just slow everything down for a while. It has been a whirlwind here of trying to settle 3 kids into a new school year, and this year I have them in 3 different schools in 3 different suburbs so organisation has been somewhat impressive. I think we are in routine now although I can almost guarantee the wheels will significantly fall off at multiple points throughout the year.

Now I am taking a stroll down fabric memory lane today, a range that is a few years old and still as beautiful as the day it was released. In fact it is one of the first I fell in love with and it was such a pleasure to sew with it again. Hands up if you remember Barefoot Roses (Revival) by Tanya Whelan?

Like I said it was an absolute pleasure to pick and and work with most of these fabrics again for Piper. This is a quilt set a LONG time in the making, I wont tell you how long because seriously it is ridiculous although the benefit is we honed and rehoned the design so many times that, while the finish point was miles away from where we started design wise, we got something which I think is super special and unique.
Now before I start on the photos let me explain what it is like to try to photograph a set around children who help. It means I get lots of bits and pieces that Hannah loves added to her headboard, and photobombing at most opportunities. I managed some serious ones too of course but had to sneak some in to this post. This is the reality of working from home for me and I love it, when I am in the right mood of course.
Piper’s quilt was initially supposed to be a rag quilt which would of course gone fabulously with the range and vintage style of the quilt. Then Jade fell in love with these quilts sets so we decided to go for a more modern design. I love it! Bold, pretty, different and modern yet oh so vintage at the same time. It took some working out but the end result was incredibly worth it.

Quilting this quilt was hard work but only of my own making. Initially I decided I wanted to detail all the flowers and make them stand out individually. So I did that and hated it! After a lot of unpicking I started again and went back to the wavy lines I am currently obsessed with. I think it gave it all a more traditional quilt feel especially after it was washed and dried.
Jade left the decision of all of Piper’s accessories up to me – she is awesome like that. I took notice of things she commented on and loved and set to work. Obviously no piccolo set is complete without an apple pie and then I added a birdhouse for fun and played with my heart cushion to make a personalised one. I love adding cushions to a quilt order. There is just something about them. You can also see a simple pillowsham in the back there – I just felt one more flower was in order to complete it off. The pink pillowcases were included as well and match the quilt back, I do love it when a set just comes together.
We added a personalised towel to the set as well – how good does it look on the end of the bed! I am obsessed with personalised towels they are the epitome of functional pretty!
Last but not least I tried to get a photo of the whole quilt. This was no mean feat and involved 2 x 10 year old boys and a rather large trampoline. I dont know what I havent thought to use the tramp before – makes so much sense! Although in this case there was enough of a wind to make the job hard and of course the wee photobomber couldnt resist getting involved. In the end this was the best shot I could get and it makes me smile.
So there you have it. Another quilt order done and dusted. It was hand delivered last week and I cant wait until Piper’s room is renovated and I can see pics of it in her space. It has been reported that she loved it so job done!
Now hopefully I see you all again before March. I have a million things I am working on at the moment and lots to share as I go along. I am really aiming at lots more blogging this year, it is great to be able to write about orders in more detail and share the million photos I take all the time.
xxx Sarah

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