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Julia’s Quilt – Joie de Vivre

Before I begin I just want to thank you all for your gorgeous responses to my last blog post. I don’t always write a lot about my personal life but for some reason that post just had to come out. I typed it out at 1.30am on a sleepless night, hit publish and then went to bed. I was worried people would think I was being petty but I am so grateful that all I received was kindness.

Now back to the pretty!

I spend a lot of time online – in fact I bloody love the internet. Any spare quiet second I have is spent on google images looking up different quilt patterns and mentally filing them away for future use. I always work from the fabric first when designing a quilt and as you know the fabric always comes first which is why in most cases I opt for ultimate simplicity.

I had been sitting on Bari J’s fabric range Joie de Vivre for a while. I ordered it as soon as it was released but then didn’t know the style of quilt I wanted to make from it. I wanted a bit of detail and some fussy cutting but still an overall random quilt. The range is spectacular and I wanted my favourite fabrics highlighted. I only had a fat quarter bundle though so creativity was somewhat limited and I knew I wanted to use every single scrap of fabric.

It was during one of my many searches that I found the perfect quilt pattern – called Olivia’s quilt it had exactly the right mix I wanted. For anyone wishing to purchase you can find it here.

The quilt consists of 3 blocks – all quick and easy to assemble. I had the squares all made in a day including cutting. And with a bit of smarts I was able to use all the fabric I had. I picked my favourites for the feature squares first and then went from there.

Once I assembled the top I realised I had forgotten to do one very basic thing and that was check the finished size. I must always remember to do a conversion. The quilt, while gorgeous was only 120cm square so too small for my standard mama thrown which I was making. Luckily I found the perfect fabric in my stash to sash it with and I loved the finished look. I definitely want to make another one which is edge to edge so am trying to work out which fabric to play with to make it again! I have another Bari J range here so that may be the winner I think!

To quilt I used simple wavy lines which is a stitch on my Janome. After quilting at 2.5″ wide I wasn’t completely happy so did another row in between each one. I am so happy – it turned out lovely and crinkly but not too stiff. Feel sorry for anyone who orders quilts from me for the next little while as I think this is my new favourite stitch! To finish I bound her in white, I wasn’t sure in the beginning but after she was out of the wash I loved it – it adds a lovely frame to it.

After a wash and dry she was ready for her photo shoot. It was perfect timing actually as I had just spent some time prettying up my lounge room to make a corner where I could take some decent throw photos. Everything came together perfectly and it is my new favourite corner now!

Then I got a wee bit creative. I always rush my photos and am frustrated with the finished product. This time I was a wee bit more deliberate and even got a bit <<cough cough>> arty.


Before I continue a quick mention of my beautiful vintage machine on my dresser. I pulled her out of my sister in law’s garden a few years ago and love her to bits. She is so heavy and just perfectly rusted. Pretty sure even thought I was crazy when they heard my squeals lol.

Finally a quick shot of the quilt in all her glory. Unfortunately it was blowing a gale when I went to photograph her so it had to be a quick inside shot. Still while the background isn’t fabulous I am pretty confident all eyes are on the quilt where they belong!

Now this fabric was always in mind for my gorgeous step mother Julia. I have been meaning to make her a quilt for years and this seemed the perfect range for her. I am happy to report that when she opened her Christmas present this year there were tears – the kids told me off for making her cry but at least it was from happiness lol.

Now I clearly have the mama throw bug at the moment. They are the perfect size for snuggling under on the couch and I love them. Throughout the year I will be making quilts from all the patterns I have saved and will be popping them in my etsy store. Every single mum deserves something beautiful to snuggle under forever.

Until next time



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