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Susie’s Throw – Michael Miller

Why hello there!

It seems like every time I blink another month has flown past, we are halfway to Christmas and I’m still finding tinsel and baubles in the garden from last year – guess now I can say I am just super organised and already starting to prepare lol.
The past couple of months has been crazy with Miss Hannah and life has been filled with hospital stays, numerous doctor visits, blood tests and more syringes of medication than I count. She sure is a curve ball kid and keeping those doctors on her toes. Add in Cooper turning 10 and Abby turning 15, multiple sport and life here has been all kinds of cray cray. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a scream at the full moon way. Life with kids is certainly never ever dull.

Hospitals, Birthdays, netball, football and gratuitous puppy photo 😉

So sitting to sew has not always been easy, in fact days would pass without me being able to even turn my machine on. I won’t lie, my mental health takes a dive when I don’t get to play with fabric, I love my job and am passionate about fabric. I’m so glad for every minute I have had to work on orders and so many pretties have left the building in the past couple of weeks. I’m excited to share it all with you.

When your sewing room is this pretty it is not surprising it is hard to be away from it! I adore my handmade collection which grows little by little all the time.

Susie’s quilt set is one such pretty. Featuring a double size quilt in a range of Michael Miller fabrics, I love the combination of mint, charcoal and pink with touches of gold. Modern yet classic at the same time. We opted for a tumbler shape which added interest and accessorised with an apple pie and personalised pillow. I think this one could look amazing anywhere in the house and I can’t wait to hear Susie’s reaction to it arriving in person. Because it will be used as a throw we decided to back in a beautiful mint spot flannel, got to love extra snuggle factor. This is the third quilt set I have made for Susie and her family, it is always an amazing feeling to know that people love my work enough to come back for more.

So here she is photographed in Hannah’s room, we are planning a room reshuffle soon as Hannah has reminded me that she is 8 now and apparently bunnies are so last year. Not sure what she has in mind but I am sure that, like always it will be uniquely her.
Note offending bunnies on wall – personally I think they are all kinds of cute but Miss 8 will, as always, have the final say
I love the charcoal personalised pillow, adds a really elegant feel to the set. Expect to see more in future!

This gorgeous set is not the only order I have worked on and I am waiting excitedly for photos so I can show you the rest of my pretties. You have to agree though this was not a bad way to return from a blogging hiatus.

Until next time

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