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Addie’s patchwork set – beautiful florals

Yesterday I got the message from the lovely Mel that Addie’s bedding set had made its way home. She had opted to be surprised rather than get a glimpse via the blog so I had to sit on all the pretty photos until I knew it had been unwrapped. For someone who can be impatient when it comes to sharing the pretty I think I lasted remarkably well lol!

Mel wanted a special set for her daughter Addie, one that she could keep forever. Pretty enough for her to love as a little girl yet classic enough to not date. She had already decided that Tanya Whelan ranges would be the focus so with a bit of polishing it was easy to put together a stunning quilt palette. I love working with these florals, they make sewing a joy. Mel decided on a patchwork single bed quilt, pillow case and apple pie cushion for her set, such an awesome combination.

Mel was so patient with me – I am always so grateful when customers get how quickly life around here can throw us a curveball. Hannah’s sudden admission to hospital definitely slowed things down at this end but she was so gracious and understanding the whole time. It makes running my business so much easier – piccolo customers rock!

Throughout the whole time I kept photos to a minimum, and what Mel did see definitely did not do the set justice at all. Unfortunately the day I took photos Adelaide weather took a bad turn and light was uncooperative but I think everyone will agree that pretty shines through even on the bleakest of days!

One of the best things about an apple pie cushion is that I can fussy cut each segment and maximise the pretty. The details in Tanya’s fabrics are always amazing so it is perfect to work with. A coordinating pillowcase behind just adds to it. I couldnt resist a butterfly button for the cushion which perfectly matched the pillowcase and dont get me started on that gorgeous pom pom trim!

So with everything finished and photographed it was time to send it on its way home. I am always really restless until I know for sure that a set has arrived safely and is loved. I am known to stalk tracking until I am sure things are where they should be. Then I have to wait for the response, not getting one is stressful. Fortunately Mel gave me an answer immediately in the form of this sweet picture! I think it is safe to say Addie and her sister Lilia are happy customers!

Now I cant believe I have written a blog post 2 days in a row! I still have so much more to show you all too, nurserys, quilt swaps, working for designers – life here is hectic and busy and amazing, I wouldnt swap any part of it.

xxx Sarah

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