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Who is me?

I wrote this introduction earlier this year for a Love Local talk hosted by the lovely Claire of Project Work Life fame. I remain grateful that she encouraged me to step out and talk about my thing. I credit most of my bravery since to her and the safe space she created for me that afternoon.

So, who is me?

My name is Sarah and I am so close to 38 I can no longer deny that 40 is looming. I live on the Fleurieu Peninsula with my husband Peter and 3 children Abby (14), Cooper (9) and Hannah (7). We recently added Daisy the labrador to the family which, while being an endless source of amusement for us, has not gone well with our 2 spoilt cats Superman and Lilypilly. My family have had their fair share of bumps in the road which will weave its way through this blog no doubt but we get through the day mostly with grace and humour. I say mostly because bribery also has a significant role to play.

I am the proud owner of Piccolo Studio, which I started in January 2014. I make anything to do with beautiful fabric – quilts, journals, cushions, pillows, buntings etc. I work mainly to custom order at the moment and when I can I fill my etsy store with one off pieces. But what I do is more about my passions than my makings because I think they are the reason I wake up every morning and can’t think of any other way I would rather spend my day.

I am passionate about
– handmade
– about creating beautiful spaces for children that reflect them and their loves
– about working with fabric – a tangible thing that holds memory, emotion, feeling. Creating things you can wrap yourself or your loved ones up in. Beautiful things.
– Forever pieces – not buying something you will throw out in 1 year because it was poor quality, doesnt match anymore, not used etc. I want everyone to have pieces in their home they love every time they look at them.
– to that end I am passionate about getting rid of the throwaway and licensed toy mindset. I love a world filled with handmade dolls, quilts, cushions and things you cherish.

And there is more, so much more I have to tell you all yet. But the coffee cup is empty and my sewing machine beckons.

Oh hang on, one more thing. I have an insane love of quotes and memes – funny, poignant,about coffee – they appear in my life frequently. This is my current favourite and has been printed out for my sewing room wall.

xx Sarah

Quote image courtesy of Kat Kinnie

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